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Maple Lane

Australian Labradoodles
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Ensuring you get the amazing dog you deserve.

We're dedicated to ensuring that your new puppy is the perfect fit for your family. Whether you're looking for a therapeutic or scent-alert dog, an allergy and asthma-friendly dog, or simply want to find the best possible pet, we're committed to raising amazing Australian Labradoodle puppies that will make you wonder why you waited so long to find them! 

From their first moments, each puppy born in our home is loved, touched, and talked to every day, all day. We strive to raise each puppy to be confident and people-focused, accustomed to all manner of noises and new experiences. Our pledge to you is to raise a dog who has been well-socialized, has begun crate and potty training, and will confidently take their place in your home and your heart as much as our dogs have.


Our home is filled with puppies, kids, shrieks,

and giggles! ​


What is an Australian Labradoodle? How big

are they?What colors?

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