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Timeline of Upcoming Litters

When considering a puppy, it helps to know where in your calendar such a big addition will fit.  Bear in mind these projections are created based on each dog's history and are subject to the reality of Mother Nature's timing. The further into the future the litter is expected, the more difficult it is to guess specifics, so general seasons are used to ballpark arrivals.


Applications and deposits accepted for all litters unless they are fully reserved.

Ultrasounds are done on all litters at 4-5 weeks to confirm pregnancy. 

Reservation lists are capped at 5 reservations in order to allow space to

keep 1-2 for our breeding and training programs,

and protects families with deposits in case of a smaller litter.


Once a litter arrives and we have a definite count, we turn first to our

families with deposits on upcoming litters to place additional puppies.

We are no longer maintaining waiting lists by litter, but will

go in order of deposits when we have additional puppies to place.

We do not maintain an external waiting list.

Add 2 months to determine anticipated Go Home timing. 

Arriving Fall 2021

Arriving in Mid to Late Winter 2021-22 (deposits accepted)

  • Indie's Litter (3 openings, 35-50 pounds, reds and apricots, Due around Christmas, Go Home end of February 2022)

  • Mango's Litter (fully reserved)

Arriving in Late Winter 2021-2022 (deposits accepted)


Arriving in Spring 2022 (deposits accepted)

  • Jade's Litter (medium to small medium, apricots) (4 reservations remaining)

  • Sunshine's Litter (medium to large medium, apricots) (4 reservations remaining)

  • Paris's Litter (small medium to large mini -low to mid 20 lbs, all colors and phantom possible) (Paris' page is not yet created) (4 reservations remaining)

  • Leia's Litter (medium, apricots, 4 reservations remaining)


Arriving in Late Summer/Fall 2022 (deposits accepted)

  • Penny's Litter (minis, all colors and phantom possible) (3 reservations remainig)

  • Fidget's Litter (small medium to medium, all colors and phantom possible) (5 reservations remaining)

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