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Maple Lane's Penny


Penny is the daughter of our Chelsea and lives with a local family.  Once she has completed her breeding career, she will continue to live with her family.  Meredith, Penny's guardian shared this about her: Penny is an absolute delight to be around. She is playful and energetic during the day, but loves to rest and cozy up in her spot on the couch waiting for mom and dad to come join her. She rests in her crate or her favorite spot under the kitchen desk. We’ve been so surprised at how well she mirrors the feelings in the household, and comforts or gives space when it’s needed. She even picks up on commands based on the events going on, including laying in her crate or bed while we eat dinner and even knows our kid’s bedtime routine! She quickly recognizes things she’s not supposed to do, and responds well to boundaries and commands. She is thick as thieves with our three daughters, and has a special relationship with each of them, especially our toddler! She waits anxiously at the window every afternoon for the big girls to come home from school. We have been so blessed by her presence in our home, and overwhelmed with what a good girl she is! Princess Penny has snuggled right into our hearts with her tolerance for chaos, unconditional love, and playful spirit.

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle

Birthdate: 9/14/2019

ALAA 087304

WALA *not yet registered

PennHip - L 0.39 R 0.38
OFA Hips - Fair

OFA Elbows - Normal
OFA Elbows - Normal
IC - Clear by parentage

EIC - Clear by parentage

DM - Clear by parentage
PRA (both types) - Clear by parentage
vWD - Clear by parentage

Size - Mini, 16"

Weight - 24 pounds

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