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Maple Lane

Australian Labradoodles
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Who are the dads?

In the future, we hope to have more of our own studs, but for now we primarily find studs from the breeders within several hours drive.  We prefer natural breeding over artificial whenever possible.  We select a stud dog in the month or so prior to breeding.  In the past, selecting a stud earlier has created additional work when life happens and the girl goes into heat in a different time frame or over vacation, etc.  Before posting a prospective litter on our Timeline page, we determine the size and color profile we will look for as we near her heat cycle.

How are Maple Lane puppies raised?

Maple Lane puppies are provided a wide range of experiences to prepare them for life.  From lots of different people to sounds, surfaces, car rides, little hands, thunder storms, and sirens, we strive to broaden their worlds and give them the tools they need to be confident, loving pets.

Throughout these critical first months, we engage our puppies in an early training program, preparing them to be a wonderful part of your family.

Australian Labradoodles are people-loving, family dogs that prefer to spend most of their time with people. None of our dogs ever lives outside in a shed or a barn.  That is appropriate for some breeds of dogs, but not for this breed!

All of our breeding dogs live in a home with a family, a few in our home and others with our guardian families.


Our guardian families receive their dog at no charge, loving them and training them and becoming their forever family.  When they reach the end of their breeding years, we spay/neuter them and they spend the rest of their lives with their families.

Our puppies represent countless hours of our time, love, attention, cleaning, foundational training, in addition to genetic and other health testing.  We microchip them, give them their first vaccinations, appropriate dewormings, and provide a health certificate from our vet.

Puppies spend some of the most formative weeks of their lives with their littermates and mother. Puppies raised in a kennel, shed, or barn in these crucial weeks miss out on bonding time with humans and new experiences in a larger environment.


 Our puppies will be handled throughout the day and quite often by children. They will sometimes be scooped up out of a sound sleep. They will be visited by young children who won't always pick them up perfectly.  They will hear other dogs, the doorbell, vacuum cleaner, phone, tv, music, children yelling, things dropping, and many other noises.  At just a few weeks old they will begin to potty train. As they wean at about 6 weeks, they will learn that food and treats come from the tallest  members of their pack, people, and they begin to learn basic commands.

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