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Our Girls

Maple Lane

Australian Labradoodles

Indie was our first Australian Labradoodle.  She completely sold us on this breed.  She is sweet and snuggly.  She is a great mama and loves to play with her puppies.

Sunshine lives up to her name.  She is sweet and cheerful with an intuitive sense for when you've had a difficult day.  She loves belly scratches and car rides more than anything in the world.  She loves to curl up catlike on the back of the sofa and watch out the window.  


Playful and sweet, Noel is a lovey girl.  She enjoys chasing balls and stealing socks.  She loves to be caught with her prize and wiggles her whole body when you ask her what she's got.  She loves to play with puppies!

Luna is sweet and bouncy and always ready to join you in whatever you are doing.  She enjoys exploring and snuggling and hopes you'll always take her along on a car ride.  We can't wait to see her puppies!

Cocoa is smart and sweet.  She is a gorgeous tri-colored girl with a phantom crest and markings.  She is adored by her family, who lovingly calls her Cocoa-nuts when she is being silly.

Abbie is full of life and loves to play.  Her favorite time is when her family is home to play and snuggle.  Abbie is smart and enjoys training and learning.  She loves to go running with her favorite person.  


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