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Our Girls

Maple Lane

Australian Labradoodles

Below, you will find links to the individual pages for our active breeding mamas.  A common question we get is, "How many breeding dogs do you have?"  The answer is somewhere around 20, including girls that aren't ready yet, BUT only a few actually live with us.  We rely on local families to be guardians of our breeding dogs - we give them a wonderful dog and they loan her back to us while she delivers and nurses her puppies, then she goes back to her family.  In this way, every dog in our program is a beloved family pet, who happens to be a breeding dog.  Their lives are rich and full and breeding is only a minor part.  If you live within 90 minutes of Annville, PA and are interested in learning more, check out our Guardian page and then contact us!

                  Leia                                              Paris



                Jade                                             Cocoa



               Penny                                        Fidget

                      Addie                                     Mango

                     Bella                                        Millie

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