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Mango lives with a local family and visits periodically.  Once she's completed her breeding career, she will continue to live with her family.  Here is what her guardian Stacy says about her, "Mango is really the best dog we have ever had.  She is smart and loves to please and get praise.  Her favorite thing is snuggling mom on her chair, but she really loves to wake her kiddos for school everyday with what they call puppy love.  I love how good she is with the kids and how she knows instinctively to play gently with our 4-year-old and that she can play more roughly with our 14-year-old."  Mango is a wonderful girl, a gift from our Indie Anna!

Health Testing

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle

Birthdate: 1/14/2020

ALAA 087314
PennHip - L 0.51 R 0.56
IC - Clear by parentage

EIC - Clear by parentage

DM - Clear by parentage
PRA (both types) - Clear by parentage
vWD - Clear by parentage

Eyes - Normal
Size - Medium, 18" 

Weight - 37 pounds

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