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We will need several guardians in fall and winter!  We will have several females and at least 1 male looking for their forever families.


Each and every dog deserves to be a loved and valued member of a family!  Guardians provide the home, love, and training for a breeding dog.  We provide the dog, assistance, breeding care, and raise the puppies. When they have reached the end of their breeding career, our guardian dogs belong completely to their family.
While we love having a house full of dogs, there are only so many we can give enough attention and training.  So, in order to expand our program and yet make sure all dogs are in loving homes, we select some homes to be guardians for dogs we’d like to breed.  If you are interested in becoming a guardian family, we ask that you complete the Guardian Application to help us learn about you and your family.

Guardian homes commit to the following:

  • Bring the dog to our home approximately every 2-3 months until the dog is 18 months old so that they are completely comfortable being in our home.  You are free to stay and visit or drop them off for a couple hours.

  • Train their dog extensively beyond puppy kindergarten.  Dogs should attend early training and continue in training beyond puppy kindergarten, preferably earning the Canine Good Citizen Award. Training may be done with a trainer, through physical training classes, or through online classes or a combination.

  • Provide thorough socialization for the dog, taking them out to a variety of experiences and locations in order to help them develop into confident, well-adjusted pets.

  • Pay for all regular expenses, including food, vet visits, vaccinations, grooming, etc. We will cover all breeding-related expenses.  

  • Feed a high quality diet. Breeding dogs require high protein diets.  Kibble should have 3 meat-based proteins in the first 4 ingredients. Avoid peas and pea proteins. 

  • Provide containment.  A physical fence is preferable to any other containment, but we know that a physical fence isn't always possible.

  • Ensure the dog's safety by ensuring they are always on a leash outside of their home or yard, except for dogs who have had extensive recall training and are off-leash in safe places.

  • Cooperate with breeding-related veterinary visits, like blood draws and testing. These might be done at their regular vet or at the vet of our choice.  All costs of breeding will be covered by Maple Lane Australian Labradoodles and we will work together on transportation.  Guardians who live further than 20 minutes from Annville, will need to provide transportation for any testing or vet visits.

  • Cooperate with breeding-dictated needs such as timing of vaccinations, avoiding kennels when pregnant, ceasing any competition participation or training classes after breeding, and increased food needs.

  • Only go to agreed-upon vet for regular care.  Approved veterinary practices must offer progesterone and Brucellosis testing.

  • AVOID dog parks completely.  

  • NEVER leave a pregnant dog in a kennel while on vacation, etc.  We will work with you to make arrangements should a pregnancy overlap your plans.

Guardian homes with female dogs must live within about an hour and a half of Annville, PA. In the week leading up to breeding, females need to have several blood draws done to test their hormone levels to help us determine the optimum breeding window.  This needs to be done at her regular vet and making these appointments is the guardian's responsibility.  We will pay for the testing. When ready to breed, we'll pick them up and transport them to the breeding, which generally will be a few hours on two occasions over the course of three days.  She will need to return to our home during the last week of her pregnancy and stay with us until her puppies have weaned, generally at 6 weeks old.  Guardians of females can visit their dog and play with the puppies while she is with us except for the first week after delivery. Females generally breed up to twice a year between 18 months and 6 years old.  They are bred a maximum of three times in a row and will be bred an average of 4-5 times. If you are interested in caring for your girl and her puppies and one adult is home full time, we are happy to discuss the details and compensation. 

Guardian homes with male dogs must be within 30 minutes of Annville, PA.  Male dogs will need to visit us about every 3 months for their first year or until they begin to breed in order to ensure they are comfortable in our home.  When there is a female in heat that we would like to breed him with, he will need to visit for several hours at a time, typically every other day over a three day period.  We will work together on transportation for breedings. Males can breed for years after their first birthday.  He will also periodically need health testing.


If you are interested in applying to become a guardian home, please complete the Guardian Application and return it to us by email.   If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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