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Maple Lane's Fidget

Fidget lives with a local family and, once she has completed her breeding career, she will continue to live with them as their pet.  Here is a description of Fidget from her guardian: Fidget has been our little piece of sunshine since she arrived. She’s a snuggly little love! She greats our children and grandchildren with joy and excitement. She loves the outdoors. She loves to go for walks. She has a basket of toys she plays with, sometimes taking them all out until she finds the perfect one. She plays fetch with her toys and balls. Can’t imagine a day without her in it!


Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle

Birthdate: 9/14/2019

ALAA 087305

WALA *not yet registered

PennHip - L 0.65 R 0.59
OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal
IC - Clear by parentage

EIC - Clear by parentage

DM - Clear by parentage
PRA (both types) - Clear by parentage
vWD - Clear by parentage

Size - Medium, 17"

Weight - 27 pounds

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