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Maple Lane's Coral 
(Aka Millie)

Millie is full of love!  Whether it’s her big sister dog or her human family, Millie wants to be close by and a part of whatever is going on in the household.  A petite dog at 22 pounds, she can be counted on to be your side and put a smile on her face.  She is sweet, smart, full of energy, behaved, gentle, snuggly, loyal and cautious.  She LOVES tennis balls and never tires of a game of fetch.  She even invented her own game of hiding and subsequently extracting her ball from under her dog bed. Truly, Millie is the perfect pet who brings great joy to our home! Millie lives with her forever family in Bethlehem, PA.


Health Testing

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle

Birthdate: 9/6/2020

ALAA 094556
PennHip - L 0.36, R 0.35

Elbows - Normal
IC - Clear

EIC - Clear 

DM - Clear
PRA (both types) - Clear
vWD - Clear 

Eyes - Normal
Size - Mini, 15" 

Weight - 22 pounds

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