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Maple Lane's
Cherry Blossom

Bella lives in a guardian home and, because they love her most and know her best, I asked them to share something about her and this is what they wrote, "Bella is the BEST. Dog. Anyone. Could. Ask. For. Bella is so sweet but also very playful. She loves to play with people but she also loves to play with dogs. Bella is so extremely loyal to her family. When she sees us, we are immediately lick-attacked so she can show us how much she loves us. One of Bella’s favorite things is to be outside - she will spend hours sunbathing, going for walks or hikes, or playing with humans and dogs while outside. She loves to play inside with her toys, too! Don’t be surprised to see all of her toys scattered about because she loves to play! Bella is extremely smart, too. She knows tons of commands and can communicate her needs easily. When she wants to go for a walk - she boops you on the leg, boops your shoes and boops her leash. “I’m ready!” is the message she is giving.  Bella loves her family…every night she checks on us before bed. Then she picks someone to stay with for the night and she moves around as she sees fit. She is a fun-loving dog that we absolutely adore!

Health Testing

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle

Birthdate: 5/4/2019


Color: BBee, S/Sp
OFA Hips - Good
OFA Elbows - Normal

EIC - Clear 

DM - Clear
PRA (both types) - Clear
vWD - Clear

Cardiac - Normal

Eyes - Normal
Size - Medium, 18" 

Weight - 34 pounds

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