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Australian Labradoodles

Cream Puff's

Natalie Wood (Chelsea)

Chelsea is highly intelligent and playful.  She has gorgeous, light eyes and her coat is a deep chocolate, showing no signs of fading, even at 3! As a true ball-chasing fanatic, she'll turn down food in favor of a ball any day.  True to her ball obsession, she loves to share her favorite thing with her babies.  Starting at about 3 weeks, she brings them her ball and then waits for them to play with it.  Chelsea lives with her family including two sweet little girls.

Chelsea Easter.JPG

Health Testing

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle



Birthdate - 6/24/2016

Prcd/PRA-Clear (Type A)

IC - Clear/Normal

vWD - Clear 

DM - Clear 

EIC - Clear 

PRA (both types) - Clear

OFA - Fair

PennHip - Right .41, Left .44

OFA Cardiac - Clear

CERF - Passed

Color - Chocolate, carries cream, apricot, and caramel 

Height - 18" at shoulders

Weight - 28 pounds

Chelsea's Puppies

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