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Natalie Wood (Chelsea)

Chelsea is highly intelligent and playful.  She has gorgeous, light eyes and her coat is a deep chocolate, showing no signs of fading, even at 3! As a true ball-chasing fanatic, she'll turn down food in favor of a ball any day.  True to her ball obsession, she loves to share her favorite thing with her babies.  Starting at about 3 weeks, she brings them her ball and then waits for them to play with it.  Chelsea lives with her family including two sweet little girls.


Health Testing

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle



Birthdate - 6/24/2016

Prcd/PRA-Clear (Type A)

IC - Clear/Normal

vWD - Clear 

DM - Clear 

EIC - Clear 

PRA (both types) - Clear

OFA - Fair

PennHip - Right .41, Left .44

OFA Cardiac - Clear

CERF - Passed

Color - Chocolate, carries cream, apricot, and caramel 

Height - 18" at shoulders

Weight - 28 pounds

Chelsea's Puppies

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