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References from Maple Lane Puppy Families

This would be a reference paragraph and that would be the picture beside.


-The SoAndSo Family

I like the idea of putting their puppy / family photo in a scrapbook style frame 

HP Family.png

We live in the historic town of Annville, PA within walking distance of the library, town square, ball fields, movie theater, and many restaurants and small businesses. We love that our friends can easily stop in and that neighbors walking by stop and chat. While we enjoy the small-town feel, it is nice to be only a 2-3 hour drive from major metropolitan centers like Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, and New York City. We are 15 minutes north of the PA Turnpike and 15-20 minutes south of Interstates 81 and 78.

We first became interested in breeding over 9 years ago when we helped to care for and socialize our neighbors' puppies, and we brought home our first dog from that litter, a Labrador named Rocky.  When we decided we were ready to begin our own breeding program, our extensive research led us to the Australian Labradoodle, combining a nonshedding coat with many of the personality traits of our Rocky - his patience, the way he can go from hyper running with the kids to flopping down with them in front of a movie, and the tolerant way he let our youngest crawl over him as a toddler. But, we don't love the dog hair in, on, and through EVERYTHING.  I could sweep up enough fur to make a puppy every day, even after we brush him. With exercise-induced asthma and allergies in our family, we knew we needed a nonshedding and allergy friendly breed.  We're in love with this magnificent breed! 

The Allen.png
Rocky and Chelsea.png
Peter and Indie.png

We've been blessed with wonderful breeding mentors from Eden Valley and Waltzing Matilda's Australian Labradoodles to guide us.  I subscribe to the Avidog method of puppy rearing.  Avidog continually updates their recommendations and guidance on everything from food to exercise to medications based on the latest scientific research.  Their education and support have proven invaluable, not only to me as a breeder, but also with the resources they have for helping our pet families learn.  We are members of the ALAA and WALA professional breeding associations and follow their requirements, carefully selecting breeding pairs and registering each litter of puppies. The distinct advantage of a small breeder, who is also a member of a professional breeding association, is the love, attention, and socialization the puppies each get, creating incredibly people-focused, intelligent dogs that can confidently adjust to their "furever" homes!  

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