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Noel's puppies will arrive in mid April.  We are excited to welcome these babies and see what colors they are! Scroll down to see her ultrasound pictures.  Click on her link to see pictures of her puppies.

We have no puppies available at this time.

This puppy has already mastered the classic "doodle pose," on his back with feet up!

Noel's Ultrasound 3/22/20

Once a litter has arrived, we are often asked which puppies are left.  Our answer is always that making sure that a family and puppy are well-suited to each other is our top priority. Puppies temperaments do not begin to emerge until they are 5 weeks old.  We live with them, hold them, play with them, challenge them, and discuss them all the time.  While we always listen to our families' hopes and preferences, picking purely on appearance does not guarantee a good match.  


We temperament test our puppies between 7 1/2-8 weeks old using Avidog's APET program.  Combining test results with all that we know about each of the puppies from living with them, they are carefully matched to their families in the days following the testing.  Even we don't know which puppies we will keep to join our breeding program until we've completed the temperament testing!