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Rogue Valley's Top Gun Maverick

Maverick is such a sweetheart!  I flew out to Oregon to pick him up and then we drove back across the country together, just the two of us, because he was too big to fly.  On paper, Maverick was perfect - excellent hips and health testing, unrelated to all of my girls, color genetics that pair up well with a wide variety of genetics, and a wonderful size.  The big question was what would his temperament be like?  He had grown up with kids and dogs and a family, but he hadn't left the ranch much.  How would he handle driving across country with a total stranger?  He was nervous, BUT he still tried EVERYTHING!  He tried everything new without backing down, though he clearly wasn't sure about a lot of things and I knew I had found the perfect stud dog!  Today, Maverick lives with a local guardian family with another dog and 2 young kids. He is the biggest sweetheart!


Health Information

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle

Birthdate: 7/12/2021


Color: bbee, S/Sp, at/at, Kb/Kb, Cu/Cu

PennHip - L .34/R .39

OFA Hips - Excellen (Prelim)

OFA Elbows - Normal
IC - Clear 

EIC - Clear 

DM - Clear
PRA (both types) - Clear
vWD - Clear

Cardiac - Normal

Eyes - Normal
Size - Medium, 18" 

Weight - 32 pounds

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