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The Process

1.  Explore our page to learn all about

       our breed and our family.

2.  Check out our Facebook and Instagram

        pictures to see what we do to enrich

        our puppies and prepare them to be 

        amazing companions.

3. Complete our 

4.  We'll email you within 24 hours to set

        up a phone call, giving you an

       opportunity to ask questions and chat.

5.  Make a deposit ($500) through the

       PayPal link or call to set up different

       arrangements.  The balance ($3000 +

       tax) is due at pick up.

6.  If you're waiting for an upcoming litter,

       you'll get updates and educational

      emails after the puppies are born.  All

      families with a deposit are invited to

      visit when the puppies are about

      6 weeks old.

7.  Temperament testing is completed

       when the puppies are 8 weeks old,

       giving us a chance to see puppies

      under a bit of a different light.

8. Puppies go home at 8.5 to 9 weeks old. 

       We'll send puppy home with a supply

       of food, a packet of information

       including our health guarantee and

       paperwork for your vet, their first

       immunization and microchip, a

       pheromone collar to help ease the

       transition, and a blanket with the

       scent of their littermates.  

Our Process

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