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Australian Labradoodles 

An Australian Labradoodle is clever, extremely friendly, and wonderfully joyful.  What began as a cross between a Poodle and a Labrador, expanded to include infusions from several other breeds.  By carefully monitoring each generation's temperament and thoughtfully planning each breeding pair, they created a unique breed. Australian Labradoodles are eager to learn and easy to train. Athletic and graceful, they are intuitive to the emotional state of their human pack members.  They make excellent family pets and many have the perfect temperament to train as therapy or guide dogs.

Reputable breeders seeking to strengthen a particular breed and join a breeding association dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of that breed.  Breeding associations, such as the Australian Labradoodle Association of America or the Australian Labradoodle Club of America, have established breeding requirements and breeder codes of ethics that serve to keep the breed healthy and strong. Breeding dogs are required to have both genetic and qualified veterinarian testing on a variety of health and genetic issues.  This also serves to help pet purchasers know that they are getting the quality breed they have selected and that their pet will meet the temperament and hypoallergenic qualities they expect.  Look for the logos of a professional breeding association such as one of those mentioned above or go to the association websites and make sure your breeder is listed on their membership list. We will be joining both of these groups as soon as our puppies have passed all of their testing and are approved as breeding quality!

One of the things that differentiates breeders who belong to professional associations is that they do NOT allow any breeders to raise their dogs in kennels.  All breeding dogs must live in a home with a family as their pet.  Puppies spend some of the most formative weeks of their lives with their littermates and mother. Puppies raised in a kennel in these crucial weeks miss out on bonding time with humans and new experiences in a larger environment.  Our puppies will be handled throughout the day and quite often by children.  They will sometimes be scooped up out of a sound sleep. They will hear other dogs, the doorbell, vacuum cleaner, phone, tv, music, children yelling, things dropping, and many other noises. As they wean at about 6 weeks, they will learn that food and treats come from the tallest members of their pack, people. At just a few weeks old they will begin to potty train and learn basic commands. Throughout these critical first months, we will engage them in an early training program on a daily basis that will prepare them to continue their training with you as they grow.

​What are Australian Labradoodles?

Australian Labradoodles were first bred in Australia in the 1980s with the intention of creating a reliably nonshedding, allergy- and asthma-friendly dog with the perfect temperament and intelligence for a guide or therapy dog.  Starting with a Labrador and a Poodle cross, early breeders in Australia felt that only using the two breeds was limiting their vision for their new breed. A handful of other breeds, namely Cocker Spaniel, were selectively bred into the line for specific desired characteristics over ensuing generations. When breeds are crossed, their offspring are healthier due to the infusion of new and different DNA, but it takes generations of breeding to see consistency in their characteristics.  Simply breeding a Lab and a Poodle will only produce some puppies that are nonshedding, not all.  Similar inconsistencies will be produced with other desirable qualities.  It requires multiple generations to ensure that the desired characteristics carry through into the puppy you take home!

The original Australian breeders watched each litter carefully, making sure not to breed dogs that had signs of genetic mutations and breeding only those that demonstrated not only physical strength and health but also the intelligence and temperament necessary in a perfect guide dog, their ultimate goal. The new mix became wildly popular quite quickly.  Many breeders sought to capitalize on the popularity and failed to continue their vigilance in breeding. In order to set their breed apart and avoid confusion with a simple Poodle/Lab breed, the newly created breed was coined, "Australian Labradoodle." The original creators have gone on to completely change the name of the breed in Australia and Europe to the "Australian Cobberdog" in their efforts to set the breed apart and seek status as an entirely new breed. In America, the professional breeding community is seeking to do the same for the Australian Labradoodle.

​What are Australian Labradoodles like?

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