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Puppy Proofing

How to Puppyproof Your Home

  • Cords, cords, cords! From charging cords to electrical cords to miniblind cords, all present a danger to your puppy.  Move them or hide them from your curious four-legged explorer.
  • Chemicals, antifreeze, poisons, fertilizers, cleaners, soaps, lotions, medications, tissues, Qtips,  -- maybe not your idea of a good snack, but puppy will try it!
  • If you have a cat, you'll need to place her litter box in an area puppy can't get to or buy a covered one, or better yet one that they access from the top.  Puppies are of the belief that those are snack gems left in there!
  • Shoes, socks, shin guards, cleats, goggles - the smellier the better, or so your puppy thinks.  Put them away! If puppy steals something - don't chase!  Call her excitedly and then trade a treat for the item.  It took exactly twice for Indie to realize that what we give her is better than what she stole.
  • Make it a habit to close the toilet.  Puppies should not drink toilet water and, if they can, they will! 
  • Trash cans should be tucked away in closets or cupboards or use the kind with a lid.
  • Look around for small hiding places - behind furniture, under beds, between side tables and couches - these are places puppy might run and hide with his precious stolen item.  Block them off if you can and be aware of them if you can't.
  • In bedrooms, small items like jewelry and items that hold your scent (socks, slippers, clothing) will be primary targets for a curious pup. Nothing teaches you to pick up like a baby or a puppy!
  • Pillows and blankets in bedrooms or the family room will be screaming temptations to a puppy to steal or tug and chew.
  • Papers, magazines, pens, and small office supplies should be put away out of reach.
  • Plants and flowers, both inside and outside, can be toxic to your dog.  Check out a comprehensive list and look at what hidden poisons might be at your house.  See the helpful quick reference infographics on our Dangerous Plants and Foods page.
  • Puppy will pick up small rocks and try to chew them, so be aware if you have rocks in your landscaping or take puppy somewhere that does.