Maple Lane

Australian Labradoodles 

The KONG Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy Marvin the Moose has been a huge hit, even with our 7-year-old Labrador.  He's not into chewing it, but he carries it places.  The puppy chews it, carries it, tackles it, and fights it.  Glad I bought two when they were on sale!


The classic Kong rubber toy can be stuffed with treats and helps keep puppy entertained.  They have to learn how to manipulate and drop the toy in order to make the treats fall out.  They sell treats to stuff inside, but you can use your own or check out the list of healthy ideas to stuff it with at the bottom of our Food and Treats page.

Bells on the door to the outside are a great way for your dog to let you know when he needs to go out.  There are a variety of types.  Our older dog was tall enough to touch a simple jingle bell right at the door knob, but we got this extended one for our smaller dogs.  Every time you take them out, touch the bells, encourage the dog to touch the bells and treat them for any effort. Before you know it, you'll hear a jingle sound and realize that your pup is standing by the door waiting to go out!

JW Playplace Squeaky Ball - The grooves on this ball allows puppy to pick it up and carry it. The squeak when it bounces makes it fun without being obnoxiously loud.  Fuzzy, tennis-ball type balls encourage puppy to pull and tear off pieces.  This one is great to teach 'Go get it' and 'Bring it.'

The Kong Wubba Ballistic Friends Dog and Puppy Tug and Fetch Toy is fun in many ways.  Made out of heavy-duty canvas, it's good for playing tug and for chewing. We bought the small size, which was perfect for puppy.  It was light enough for her to carry it around by the ears from her first day home, but big enough that it will last our medium-sized dog for months.  If the squeaky part makes you hesitate, I was pleasantly surprised that the squeak is pretty quiet and infrequently squeaks more than twice in a row.  I am not a fan of squeaky generally, but love this toy!

Yes, another Kong toy! This Kong Extreme Bone is a huge hit.  Stuff the ends with treats or other foods from the Kong stuffer list at the bottom of our Food and Treats page.  My Lab is not a big chewer since his puppy days, but this is one he loves.  After he's eaten the treats out and leaves it, the puppy comes and chews and chews!

It's not hard to spend A LOT of money on your dog. Some of it is money well spent to keep your dog safe, out of trouble, and properly occupied.  Some of it is a total waste of money! For a list of basic supplies you'll need to have on hand, check out this list. Here are some of our particular favorites.