Potty Training

In the first few weeks after you bring puppy home, life will seem to revolve around potty training and cleaning up after accidents! Potty training a puppy is largely about training you to take them out at the right times, consistently, until their bladders have developed enough to hold it for several hours. With maturity and consistency, your puppy will learn to hold his bladder and these days will fade in your memory! But, in the meantime, check out these tips and links for training ideas and cleaning recipes to make it easier.

The best advice we were given was that if puppy is having accidents inside, you need to shorten the time between potty visits (back it up by 10 minutes) and limit the space she has access to.  If puppy perceives that a place is not part of his living area, then it is a fine place to potty in the puppy mind.  Eliminate their access to places like this for well beyond the time you think potty-training is complete.  If I forget to take the dogs out before I go to bed I can tell you exactly where in my house they'll go if they need to!

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