Multigen Australian Labradoodle          ALAA-056509                          PennHip - L 0.57, R 0.56                             vW - Clear 

OFA Hips - Fair (Preliminary)                  OFA Elbows - Clear

IC - Clear by parentage                                EIC - Clear by parentage

PRA - Clear                                                       CERF - Normal

Size - Medium, 17" (at shoulders)          Weight - 31 lbs

Planned Litters 

Cream Puff's Natalie Wood (Chelsea)

Anticipated Delivery: October

There are currently NO openings remaining on Indie's reservation list.  We cap our reservation lists at 6 in order to make sure that we don't have any disappointed families!  We will accept applications for her waiting list.  

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Breeding is an inexact science.  We can estimate heat seasons and predict color percentages of a litter, but Mother Nature makes the final call.  We strive to select pairings that will produce wonderful temperaments and color combinations, but we are always delighted with the puppies, no matter their colors or patterns!  Each one is so cute and unique. Please remember that the puppy that is perfect for your home in temperament and character may have a different physical appearance than your ideal.  When you put down your deposit, you can select a particular litter, but deposits are always transferable to a different litter.

Chelsea will be bred in August and her puppies will be ready to go home in December 2019.  Her puppies should include chocolates, creams, and apricot in solid, parti, and possibly tricolor and phantom.  They should be about 17-18 inches at the shoulder and about 28-34 pounds.   Chelsea has become a great mama, enjoying playing with her puppies.  Chelsea will be bred with Eden Valley's Charlie Brown.  We are so in love with this pairing from last year that we decided to repeat the breeding.  These puppies were a perfect blend of smart and sweet and we knew we wanted more just like them! 

As soon as Noel has completed the breeding dog registration process with the ALAA, we will post information on our plans for her first breeding.

Indie will be bred in early March and her puppies will be ready to go home in July 2019.  Her puppies should include reds, creams, and parti.  They should be about 17-18 inches at the shoulder and about 30-35 pounds.  Indie is an attentive and doting mama.   Indie will be bred with Waltzing Matilda's Stud Muffin Stewart.  

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Waltzing Matilda's Indie Anna

Anticipated Delivery: Early May

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