Maple Lane

Australian Labradoodles 

Introducing Maple Lane's Joyeux Noel.  Noel is fun and sweet, and she's pretty sure she belongs on the couch curled up beside her people.  She's a beautiful mix from Cream Puff's Natalie Wood (our Chelsea) and Halton Hill's Philharmonic.  She learns quickly, loves tummy rubs, and is always ready to play. Noel should be ready to breed in the spring or summer of 2019.

Cream Puff's Natalie Wood answers to the name of Chelsea.  This dark chocolate beauty is smart as a whip. Her eyes are soulful and she is eager to please and learn. She never tires of playing fetch and has taken her place in our hearts.  We welcomed the arrival of her first litter in December, 2017.  They were an amazing array of colors and personalities.   She lives with her guardian family and enjoys the attention of two little girls.  She never misses an opportunity to chase the ball or ride in the car.


Introducing Waltzing Matlida's Indie Anna!  Indie is a precious joy to have in our home.  She loves to play and cuddle up in our laps, and she learns new things so quickly. Indie has a red coat with white markings and carries the parti gene.  She has a wavy fleece coat and is a medium size, weighing about 31 pounds. We anticipate her first litter sometime in early summer 2018.

Eden Valley's Sunshine is truly a little ray of sunshine in our home. She is sweet and exuberant.  She adores having her belly rubbed.  She has a knack for knowing when you've had a bad day and snuggling into you to let you know she loves you.  Sunshine is ready to be bred as soon as she comes into heat.

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