Maple Lane

Australian Labradoodles 

Temperament and Personality

Indie is sweet and playful.  She likes to play fetch, but prefers the high toss so she can catch the ball.  She gets along with everybody, human and canine.  She loves to spend time with the puppies and seems to be the self-appointed play instructor of the group.  Indie is hands down the best loose leash walker ever, walking beside you and checking in with you frequently - adorable! Whenever Mom or Dad sit down, Indie's there to snuggle, curling up and going to sleep beside us on the couch.   She's quick to play and quick to snuggle - the perfect dog!

Registration and Health Testing

Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle

Birthdate: 11/15/2016

PennHip - L 0.57 R 0.56
OFA Hips - Fair (Preliminary)
OFA Elbows - Negative
IC - Clear by parentage

EIC - Clear by parentage
PRA - Clear by parentage
vWD - Clear by parentage
Size - Medium, 17" (at shoulders)

Weight - 31 pounds

Waltzing Matilda's Indie Anna

​Call Name: Indie