One of the most important values we have as a

dog breeder is that each and every dog deserves

to be loved and be a valued member of a home.   In order to accomplish this and yet continue our breeding business, we look for guardian homes.  A guardian home loves and trains the dog and will continue to be the dog's furever home when their breeding career is complete.  

Guardian Homes

Guardian homes commit to the following:

  • Bringing the dog to our home approximately every 6 weeks so that the dog is completely comfortable being in our home.  This works to your benefit because we can often coordinate with you so that the dog stays with us when you need to be gone for a day, weekend, or vacation.
  • Training their dog extensively.  Dogs should attend early training and continue in training, preferably earning the Canine Good Citizen Award.
  • Paying for all regular expenses, including food, vet visits, vaccinations, grooming, etc. We will cover all breeding-related expenses.  
  • Feeding a high quality diet. Breeding dogs require high protein diets.  Kibble should have 3 meat-based proteins in the first 4 ingedients.
  • Having a fenced-in yard.  A physical fence is preferable to an electric fence, but we know that a physical fence isn't always possible.
  • Always keeping their dog on a leash outside of their home or yard, except for dogs who have had strong recall training and are off-leash in safe places.
  • Making their dog available for breeding-related veterinary visits, like blood draws and testing. These might be done at their regular vet or at the vet of our choice.  All costs of breeding will be covered by Maple Lane Australian Labradoodles and we will work together on transportation.
  • Cooperating with breeding-dictated needs such as timing of vaccinations, avoiding dog parks/kennels when pregnant, increased food needs, and timing grooming at the end of pregnancy.
  • Guardian homes with female dogs must live within about an hour of Annville, PA. Females will need to spend several days with us when we are ready to breed her.  She will need to return to our home during the last two weeks of her pregnancy and stay with us until her puppies have weaned.  Guardians of females can visit the dog while she is with us except for the first week after delivery.
  • Guardian homes with male dogs must be within 30 minutes of Annville, PA.  Male dogs will need to visit for several hours at a time, typically every other day for 2-3 visits whenever there is a female we would like to breed him with.

Females generally breed up to twice a year between 18 months and 6 years old, but they are not necessarily bred on every heat.  Often, guardian families find it works well to time trips, vacations, or home improvement projects while their dog is whelping, saving the nuisance and expense of boarding.  Males can breed for years after their first birthday.  

If you are interested in applying to become a guardian home, please complete the Guardian Home Application in the link above and return it to us by email. 

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