​Getting Ready for Puppy

Supply List

  • Purchase necessary items. 
  • Puppy proof your home. 
  • Read as many puppy training books and websites as you can.  Mark parts that appeal to you.  Bookmark sites that seem helpful.
  • Watch videos.  Youtube is a great resource for this.
  • Decide which methods most appeal to your personal style and your life. Discuss with your family members the training methods you will use.  
  • Pick a vet.
  • Review the schedule for vaccinations and know when you'll need to make an appointment.  I put reminders in my family calendar app so I don't forget.
  • Select a groomer, if needed. If you aren't comfortable clipping or grinding down puppy's nails, you'll want to find a groomer for this even if your puppy won't need to be clipped or groomed.
  • Investigate puppy training classes available in your area. Training is a vital way to create a strong bond between your puppy and your family.
  • Check out your state law regarding dog licenses. 
  • If you have a yard, consider a physical or electric fence to give puppy a place to play off-leash.  I can't tell you how many years you'll lose from your life when you have to figure out how to get that energetic 6-month-old puppy back to safety.

There's almost as many things to do to get ready for a puppy as there are for a baby! Don't get overwhelmed. Just break the list down into manageable chunks and tackle them one at a time.

To Do List

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