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Australian Labradoodles 

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Current Litters

We have puppies!!!  

Chelsea and Phil's puppies arrived December 4. 

They will be ready to go home February 17.  There are a few openings in this litter.

Week Four


We invest hours and hours into preparing our puppies to be wonderful additions to your family, handling, loving, training, socializing, and exposing them to all manner of noises, people, and experiences.  All of these early interactions create confident and curious dogs, ready to play and enter your world.

Each squirming bundle of love from our home comes with:

  • A 2-year health guarantee
  • Our support for a lifetime
  • A check-up by a veterinarian
  • Microchip and initial immunizations as appropriate
  • Free month of Trupanion Pet Insurance
  • A toy that will carry the scent of their mama and littermates to help ease their transition.
  • A Puppy Basics class - advice and resources to make your early months together a success
  • A folder full of documentation about your puppy and general information for you
  • A set of pictures of your new puppy's early weeks

Puppy pickups are done at our Puppy Basics class where you will have the chance to meet the other families adopting puppies from the litter, learn about key basics that will help you get off to a great start together, and ask questions. 

We encourage our new puppy families to check out Avidog.  They are a group of women who have decades of experience as vets, breeders, trainers, and dog show competitors.  They are a wealth of information, backed up by scientific research and experience.  We have used their methods in helping our dogs be the healthiest dogs they can be and to provide our puppies with a wide variety of experiences in order to be confident and well-socialized members of their new families.   In addition to the thorough information and videos they provide, they are tremendously responsive to their clients, answering questions and providing advice very quickly. They have a wonderful program for potty training!

We do not ship our puppies by themselves, but we will be happy to discuss delivery arrangements with you should you be unable to pick up your puppy in person.  Please complete and return an application and your deposit and we can determine the best way to get your puppy to you together.  

Our puppies will visit the vet and start their immunizations, when appropriate, before they come home.  Each puppy goes home with documentation from our vet of their visit and immunization record.

  • We believe in informed vaccinations.   We regularly test our dogs' immunity levels in order to make the best decisions for their immunizations.  It is common to find that the immunity levels in the mama dog mean that her puppies should follow an altered vaccination schedule.  Just like humans, mama dogs pass some of their immunity to their puppies.  If a puppy is vaccinated while these passive immunity levels are too high, they will not receive the intended benefit of the vaccine, leaving them unprotected.  We will provide you with the mother's immunity testing and recommendations on a vaccine schedule tailored for each litter that you can share with your vet.
  • We do not do early spay/neuter as we do not believe it is in the best interest of our puppies' long-term health.  All buyers will be asked to sign a spay-neuter contract stating that the puppy will not be bred and will be spayed or neutered prior to their second birthday.

All of our puppies will be microchipped before they come home with you.  Microchips are tiny and are inserted under the skin.  If a microchipped dog is found, any vet or shelter can scan their tag and help them get back home to you.

Each puppy will come home with a free month of pet insurance from Trupanion and a packet of information on the service they offer.  There are several pet insurance companies that help cover unexpected expenses that may arise in the life of any dog. Many pet owners find these companies very beneficial.

Each puppy takes home a toy that will carry the scent of their littermates and mama to help ease their transition.

Our pet puppies are $2800.  If you are looking for a breeding dog, contact me and I'd be happy to talk more with you. All new owners must take their puppy to their own vet within 3 business days of taking their puppy home in order for their health guarantee to be in effect.  This protects both buyer and seller and assures you that your puppy is off to a great start!

If we don't have a litter available that meets your family's timing, here are some other breeders we know who are committed to breeding wonderful Australian Labradoodles.  The italicized names are breeders we have purchased from and highly recommend. Click on the name to link to their page.

Eden Valley  West Friendship, MD
Spring Valley  Kennett Square, PA
Waltzing Matilda   Hanover, MD
Windsor Creek  Windsor, PA
Delaware Valley Kemblesville, PA

We expect that Chelsea and Phil's puppies will be between 25 to 30 pounds.  Both mom and dad are avid ball fetchers, so we anticipate that these little ones will be enarmored with tennis balls, too!

          Cream Puff Labradoodles' Natalie Wood              Cream Puff Labradoodles' Philharmonic

                           a.k.a. Chelsea                                                     a.k.a. Phil