Maple Lane

Australian Labradoodles 

We live in the historic town of Annville, PA within walking distance of the library, town square, community pool and ball fields, movie theater, and many restaurants and small businesses. We adore the fact that our kids can walk or ride bikes to many activities in the community. We love that our friends can easily stop in and that neighbors walking by stop and chat. While we enjoy the small-town feel, it is nice to be only a 2-3 hour drive from major metropolitan centers like Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, and New York City.

We are new to breeding, but we've been blessed with wonderful breeding mentors from Eden Valley and Waltzing Matilda's Australian Labradoodles to guide us.  We have joined the ALAA  professional breeding association and follow their requirements, carefully selecting breeding pairs and registering each litter of puppies. The distinct advantage of a small breeder who is a member of a professional breeding association is the love, attention, and socialization the puppies each get, creating incredibly people-focused, intelligent dogs that can confidently adjust to their "furever" homes!

Let me introduce our family so you can get to know the kind of home your puppy will be raised in.  We have four kids, ages 7-17, all homeschooled, and in multiple sports. There are always water bottles, balls, shin guards, gloves, and goggles lying around! My husband and his business partner own and operate a small business, and he coaches the girls' varsity and middle school soccer teams at our high school.  I homeschool, teach at our homeschool coop, coordinate everyone's schedules, and try to keep up with my 2-legged and 4-legged kids!

We first became interested in breeding over 7 years ago when we helped to care for and socialize our neighbors' puppies, and we brought home our first dog from that litter, a Labrador named Rocky.  The idea of breeding went on hold when we discovered our youngest child was on the way, but we enjoyed watching the process through friends.  When we decided we were ready to begin our own breeding program, we did extensive research to determine which breed we would focus on.  We LOVE our Lab - his patience, the way he can go from hyper running with the kids to flopping down with them in front of a movie, the tolerant way he let our youngest crawl over him as a toddler and my school-age nephew arrange and rearrange him just the other week. But, we don't love the dog hair in, on, and through EVERYTHING.  I swear I could sweep up enough fur to make a puppy every day, even after we brush him. Two of our daughters have exercise-induced asthma, as well as allergies, and my husband and other daughter have allergies as well, so we knew we needed a breed where shedding and allergens weren't an issue.  I began to research breeds that incorporated Labrador, and Australian Labradoodles quickly rocketed to the top of our list. Now, we're in love with this magnificent breed! 

Our Family